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My 2020 Predictions & Resolutions for Technology

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There are already tons of articles out there predicting which emerging technologies will take over, and which current leaders will be de-throwned. This is not one of those articles. Rather, I am going to focus my predictions around my own use of technology, and how things are looking for me going into 2020.

Financial Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me

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Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of mentoring others. It’s usually about software engineering, but often we get into tangential things such as finances. It’s come up enough times and folks have been grateful, so I thought…

How I find super cheap flights

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Cheap flight search The trick to flying for very cheap is flexibility. Being flexible with where and when you go is the best way to make yourself more available to fly. Usually, I’ll be down to go anywhere in the…