Hi, my name is Austin Gil.

I’m a web developer creating award-winning digital products for international nonprofits, growing startups, and government agencies.

In my free time I write articles, host The Function Call podcast, contribute to open-source projects, and speak at events.

Latest Articles

HTML Blog cover
OMG, SVG Favicons FTW!

This article explores the world of SVG favicons. We cover adding them to HTML, using emojis, inlining them as data URIs, supporting dark mode, and animations.

JavaScript Blog Cover
Get Started With TypeScript the Easy Way

This article we will get you going with TypeScript without opening a terminal, installing dependencies, or initializing an NPM project. All you need is VS Code.

Security Blog Cover
How to Build HTML Forms Right: Security

This article covers security aspects to consider when creating forms for the web. We’ll be applying security principles for the frontend, backend, DNS and more.

CSS Blog Cover
How to Build HTML Forms Right: Styling

This article covers HTML form design patterns, common gotchas, and CSS tips. You should be able to walk away with some new knowledge and helpful code snippets.

Side Projects

The Function Call
A friendly podcast about web development.

A Vue.js toolset for building accessible, light weight, and custom designed applications.

An opinionated starting point for styling base HTML elements.

Style Check
A Single Page Application built with Vue.js to help developers audit their global styles.

Particles CSS
A customizable SCSS library for utility-first CSS.

A web app built with Vue.js and WordPress that helps travel-hackers browse credit cards based on their bonuses.

Carbon Grid
A simple, lightweight, responsive CSS grid system built on flexbox.

Murder Mystery
A single page app (SPA) for social-group fun.
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Color Converter
A progressive web app (PWA) that converts hex colors to RGB and RGBA.

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