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Hi, my name is Austin Gil.

I'm a web developer from Portland, Oregon.

Over the last ten years, I’ve built projects for award-winning agencies, innovative start-ups, government organizations, and more.

Today, I help people (like you?) build better websites by sharing fun, educational  content like writing, open-source, videos, presentations, and workshops.








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Side Projects

The Function Call
A friendly podcast about web development.

A Vue.js toolset for building accessible, light weight, and custom designed applications.

An opinionated starting point for styling base HTML elements.

Style Check
A Single Page Application built with Vue.js to help developers audit their global styles.

Particles CSS
A customizable SCSS library for utility-first CSS.

Battle Bannerz
A fun little project we build on a live stream using Vite and Vue.js. It let’s you generate social media banner images that look like Pokemon battle scenes.

A web app built with Vue.js and WordPress that helps travel-hackers browse credit cards based on their bonuses.

Carbon Grid
A simple, lightweight, responsive CSS grid system built on flexbox.

Murder Mystery
A single page app (SPA) for social-group fun.
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Color Converter
A progressive web app (PWA) that converts hex colors to RGB and RGBA.