Vue.js Workshops & Training

Looking for Vue.js training for yourself or your team? I can run you through a workshop that will teach you Vue.js from the basics, all the way to launching your own single page app.

Basic Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Vue.js
  • Handling Events and Methods
  • Data Binding and String Interpolation
  • Computed Properties
  • If, Else, Else-if
  • Modifying Strings with Filters
  • Creating Components
  • Introduction to Vue CLI
  • Single File Components
  • Communication Between Components
  • Routing for Single Page Apps

Advanced Curriculum

  • Form Validation with Vuelidate
  • Intoduction to Vuex
  • State, Getters, Mutations, Actions
  • Vuex Modules
  • Advanced Vue Router
  • Vue Plugin Development
  • Server Side Rendering
  • Vue + GraphQL (coming soon)


If you are looking for a Vue.js teacher in Portland, Oregon, you’re in luck. That is where I am located, and we can coordinate on a schedule and location. Not located in San Diego? No problem! We can also run a remote workshops.


It’s best if you already have a knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (ideally ES6+). You will also need a computer with access to the internet, a code editor (I recommend VS Code), Node.js installed, and the Vue CLI.