Give is a new, awesome donation plugin for WordPress

I was recently asked to be a beta tester for a new donation plugin called Give, and I really have to give a proper shout out to the guys over at for their work.

Give is a WordPress plugin originally designed as an easy way for non-profits to take donations on their site. Devin Walker and Matt Cromwell are some pretty awesome developers, and on top of being great influencers in the WordPress community, they are excellent developers with conscientious intentions. This combination results in the following:

  • User friendly, intuitive interface that makes it super easy to take donations.
  • Professionally production code which is safe, performs well, and provides a lot of options.
  • Excellent support and fast bug fixes.
  • A robust offering of add-ons to provide even more solutions.
  • Impressive reporting features in the WP admin.

My experience with this plugin was while the plugin was still in beta, but even then it was very well built and thought out. What may have eve been most impressive for me was the developer’s responses to my feedback. Not only was it very fast and clear, but they provided insight into their thought process behind the whole thing and why they took certain approaches.

Needless to say, any WordPress site can easily set this up and start taking donations right away, even if they are not a non-profit. It works seamlessly with any WordPress install and is not limited to non-profit sites, but having the non-profit consideration in its origins makes it a solid choice for anyone looking to take their donations to the next level.

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You can also find it on Github and Facebook.

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